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Building the Bridge for the Digital Evolution

You are not alone if you have lately heard about the so-called “digital divide.” The phrase, which emphasizes societal disparities in access to technology, has recently piqued IT firms, politicians, and international organizations. Keeping aside the businesses, the most terribly affected parties are the residents of the area that has no or less internet accessibility. Imagine, just for a second, you have to inform your loved ones about a death in family. In order to do so, you have to get out of your house and look out for internet signals. How would you feel?

 For those of us whose lives are inextricably linked to technology, both at home and work, it may not be easy to conceive how we might function in society without the tools we rely on. Despite the fast growth of technology over the last several decades, there are still individuals worldwide without immediate access to the internet and its associated technologies. In a nutshell, this is the divide in the digital world. This also includes the changes in rural and urban populations. Several populations are living in the rural side with full of hassle accessibility. Imagine walking miles to leave a heart reaction on your friend’s picture. Atel Communications is solving this problem by introducing America voice internet in the rural areas of Guatemala.

The World Bank, World Economic Forum, United Nations, and World Trade Organization have identified the digital gap as a significant issue to address in the future decade. With the general agreement that information technology gives nations a competitive advantage, extending global access allows for more incredible progress towards developing countries.

Before The Bridge

Essentially, all businesses must begin to consider a 10-year horizon, so where we started in 2020, we are now in 2025. It would help if you inquired about what the industry leaders are doing and where you would like to be located. Companies rarely think like this since they are operationally driven, and some have a quarter-to-quarter survival strategy. To some extent, the era without the internet was much easier compared to today. This is because there was no presence of internet; people used to adopt ways to do stuff. However, now, things require internet but the accessibility is full of hassles.

As a result, they avoid making difficult decisions on their digital side, such as whether or not to transform. At the same time, technology is rapidly expanding the divide between the haves and the have-nots. The good option is to ask the questions and make an informed conclusion. Consider the possibilities and the expense; consider the costs and the advantages; consider the time and the human impact.

The New Era

A new age has begun. One in which the sheer quantity of devices you need to connect to the network and the speed with which you need to join them puts time constraints on your organization. This is the age of intent-based networking, which is more human, knowledgeable, and powerful than anything before it. It is meant to assist you in managing the future of digital business, the end of technology—built to help all of us navigate change itself. It is always learning, constantly adapting, and continually safeguarding.

The Broadband Benefits

For rural populations who would otherwise have to travel considerable distances for educational courses or medical treatment, broadband provide direct access to education and communication. Rural residents have access to global information and cultural resources because to high-speed Internet. Increased job and population growth, higher rates of new business formation and property values, and reduced unemployment rates are all linked to broadband connection in rural areas.

Building relationships through Digitalization

Connecting people in the most human way possible to meet, exchange, share, and collaborate is at the heart of our collaboration tools. They are constantly learning and evolving to provide increased voice recognition, sharp, accurate, very detailed images, whiteboard capabilities, one-button access, and the ability to connect from anywhere.

The bridge gives a head-up for businesses

Companies worldwide are undergoing digital transformations as they strive to improve business processes and build new capabilities and business models. Actionable intelligence is the new currency in an economic world where entire industries are shifting. Data and information have evolved into critical corporate assets, income generators, and critical facilitators in the information age.

We must build more bridges than merely those between the ‘IT and information management side’ and the ‘business side.’ We’ve previously discussed this requirement from the perspective of information as a bridge-builder in the next stage of the information age. Information bridges must exist between the back end and the front office.

The Final Curtain

In the current age, where the paradigm shift is towards Digitalization, many people still don’t have easy access to the internet. This portrays how vital the internet has now become and is now a basic necessity. Atel Communications’ America Voice unlimited internet is a service that connects people and families in rural areas to their families in the United States. We have been providing hassle-free services in Guatemala with America Voice.