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Transform your Customer Experience by outsourcing with us.

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Handling your customer service can be difficult and costly.
By outsourcing to Guatemala you can reduce your costs without sacrificing quality.


We are ATEL

Our story begins in 1997, when Atel was founded as a pioneer in telecommunications to provide landlines for families in rural areas of Guatemala, later expanding to providing unlimited phone services from USA to Guatemala. 

In the last decade we have expanded to providing internet services as well as BPO services. Due to high demand, our contact center has continued to grow and expand. At the moment we have 3 Sites in Guatemala as well as a Sales Office in Arizona. 

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We currently have over 250 employees just in our Guatemala City site and we’re constantly expanding; always looking for new talent to help us become greater as well as help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Why us?

· Best pricing for nearshore Contact Center in Central America.

· Cost Reductions in your business allowing you to concentrate on your core functions.

· We are a team of professionals. Forget the hassle of hiring, training and retaining personnel.

· We have the most dynamic outsourcing call center in Guatemala.

· The process of starting with us is super simple, simply:


Call us or send us a message to schedule a meeting.


Introduction meeting to get to know you and your business needs.


We’ll send you a quote depending on the service you require.


Review it with your team and sign the contract o move to the next step.


We’ll take it from here, starting with the initial ramp-up.

Here’s what the ones closest to us say:

What our customers say

We’ve had the pleasure to work with Mark and the Pollo Campero team for the past year and a half after being recommended by their business partners. Here’s what their experience with us has been like:

How our team feels

Our sites are based in secondary cities for cost efficiency. This also helps for the further development of the region and decreases the need for our agents and team to have to look for growth opportunities in Guatemala City or outside the country.

Get to know our Sites in Guatemala

All of our sites have Internet and Energy redundancy.
With 3 different internet providers and backup generators to keep operations running smoothly, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to serve your customers. 

We also offer you the option to have Site Redundancy, by having a portion of your agents working from different sites as an extra measure of security. Security is really important for us, that’s why we are PCI Compliant and ready to implement any certification your business needs. 

We have designated spaces for recruitment, training and operating floors as well as areas for our agents to relax after a long day. 

Floor space is customizable to feature your brand so the agents can feel like one of your team. 


Our Headquarters are located in a centric part of Guatemala City, just a 15 minute drive away from La Aurora International Airport. 

In this building we have over 250 employees, out of which 160 are agents. 


Located in the department of San Marcos, San Rafael is a 30 minute drive away from San Marcos City.

This site has enough space to expand to 230 seats and we currently have 130 seats.


We opened our newest site in Plaza Adonai located in San Marcos City. A city with over 400,000 residents.

With a capacity for 87 seats and option to expand, we currently have 50 seats here.


Quality talent

We have bilingual agents (English & Spanish) with neutral accent. They care about finding the best solution for the client and are empathic with them. Our agents are motivated to work and grow inside the company, that’s why our attrition is sustained at around 4.5%

Variable account size

Increase or decrease the number of agents in your account based on your call volume. If you only need more agents during your rush hour, we can provide that. We only charge for effective working hours, there is no charge for breaks or lunches.

Real-time reports

With us, you are going to have access to all of your account information in real-time as we keep 100% automated dashboards. You can also ask for customized reports with the exact metrics you need. These reports help find where the account can be improved and how it has been performing. Our WorkForce Team generates solid reports that are tailored to your business needs.


We have over 14 years of experience in the Call Center business. That’s why we can give you real-time insights and reports on what your customers are saying and how you can offer a better service for them if requested. You can choose how these insights and reports are given.

Competitive Pricing

For bilingual agents (English and Spanish). All of our agents have a high school diploma and over 80% English level, go through training continuously and are always looking to improve their skills.


From implementing a Chat Bot to answering your clients’ most common questions to replying to comments and DMs on Social Media, we have the solution to keep your customers happy by communicating with them through the channel they feel most comfortable with.

By working with us you can improve your customers’ experience when interacting with your brand. 

You are one step away from giving your customers the best customer service experience!

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