Completely eliminate the UNCERTAINTY of
where to find the next agent

We will take care of selecting and retaining so that you can improve your customer service and KPI’s

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Your goal is to better your customer service and KPI’s but…...

You can’t find

It’s tiring and stressful to find the next agent for your business, not to mention the high cost and no guarantee of keeping that agent once you have him.

Long learning

Once you have a new agent, training and certification is a must. A new agent doesn’t offer optimum service which can generate upset customers and frequent complaints.

Can’t retain

No matter how much an agent is constantly motivated there is no guarantee that the agent will stay or like the job. This can lead to job abandonment which can jeopardize the account.

The anxiety of seeking

call center agents ends here

When you hire Atel’s call center agents you can rest assured that your business is taken care of, giving you time to focus on increasing sales and not resolving call center related issues.

You will avoid:

How can we work together?

3 easy steps to hire efficient agents using ATEL’s nearshore services.


To understand all you company’s needs so we can recommend the best we have and a cost efficient option.


Define how many agents are needed, schedules as well the training chronogram and hiring process.


We recruit based on the profile determined by our client. This way we can assure that the agent makes the brand their own and can offer good customer service.

And last but not least, you will be contributing to the

development of  Guatemalan towns and communities

What better way to know how our

service works than testing it out!

90 days without
a contract or strings attached
  • Don’t worry about the cost of training. We can take care of it! You can request further information below.


What you can expect when

you hire our services

U.S. owned company

Positions are always available

Our sites are located in towns
where finding and developing talent is easy.

Cost Efficiency

We are able to offer competitive prices due to our sites
being based in secondary towns.

Neutral Accent

Central America has a neutral accent which makes it easier to understand.

BPO Experience

More than 400 employees. Since 2007.

Strategic Partner

We are a company that goes the extra mile,
beyond the contracted obligations.

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