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Most companies struggle with...

- High costs of maintaining quality customer service

- Rapidly expanding operations

- Changing & uncertain market conditions

- Hiring and training new people to keep up with the demand

We can help you with these and more.






We have experience working with clients in

Customer Service

Great customer service is the base of growing a successful business. We’re always looking to develop and maintain customer loyalty to our partner’s brands. That’s why most of our customers stay with us and our partners for years!


Tied hand in hand with customer service, our retention accounts are successful because we understand how valuable customers are. Therefore we can always provide additional value if they were considering using another company. We always ask what we can do better and implement new insights.

Tech Support

We currently handle tech support outsourcing for a telecommunications company. Our agents can perform troubleshooting to fix the customer’s issue and diagnose if a visit from a technician is necessary, cutting the cost of having to send a technician as a first option. 

Order Processing

One of our fastest growing accounts handles order processing of one of the biggest fast food restaurants in the region. With our systems we can reduce order processing time (AHT) to fit your value proposition.


We manage different sales accounts for companies in a variety of industries. 


We use your data bases to recover revenue with collections. One of our collections accounts handles transactions for Internet services.

Financial Services

One of our newest accounts is in Financial Services. We understand the importance of having the right certifications and complying with all the industry standards. 

About Us

"Building trust in every contact."

That’s the first thing you’ll notice when talking with any of our employees and it represents a big part of our company’s culture. Our words are a promise.

In Atel we make sure that every transaction ends in a win-win situation for all parties involved. We have over 20 years of experience maintaining loyalty in our customers. 

Our Story

Atel was founded in 1997 as a pioneer in telecommunications. 

We started by offering landlines in rural areas, later expanding to providing unlimited phone services from USA to Guatemala. 

In the last decade we have expanded to providing internet services as well as BPO services. Due to high demand, our contact center has continued to grow and expand. This led us to opening a new site in San Marcos as well as an office in Arizona, United States.

We currently have over 250 agents just in our Guatemala City site and we’re constantly expanding; always looking for new talent to help us become greater as well as help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Get to know our Site in San Marcos

We decided to open a Site in San Marcos because it allows us to give you the best prices at a competitive rate as well as give the amazing people of San Marcos an opportunity to develop themselves professionally and grow inside the company. We currently have over 150 agents in our Site San Marcos and we’re constantly expanding! 

San Marcos is known for its beautiful landscapes as well as being the home of the Quetzal, our national bird.

Our Partners

We have the pleasure of working with many great and respected companies based both in Guatemala as well as in the United States.

Our Plans


We have different account sizes to fit your needs ranging from 5 agents upwards. You can also choose to increase your account as your operations grow.


5 TO 20 AGENTS – With a minimum account size of 5 agents we can fulfill the needs of small businesses that need help outsourcing their operations. 


21 TO 100 AGENTS – With a medium account we can help you handle part of your business, from managing overflow from your own in-house contact center to handling your customer service completely.


100 AGENTS OR MORE – We have the capacity to start big new accounts with the amount of agents you need thanks to our efficient recruiting and training process we’ve learned throughout over 15 years of experience.  


Full Customization

The account for your business can be fully customized depending on your needs and your budget. This includes everything from the site where it is located to the amount of agents we hire as well as any needed software and certifications to conduct business. 

Capability of Expansion

To expand and build the account where you find it fit. We’re not restricted when it comes to expanding in the city or in other departments.


Besides redundancy of internet and energy we can offer you redundancy of sites. This means we can have the same account in different sites to reduce the risk of having all agents in one place. 

We have 3 different account models. 

TRADITIONAL – Agents work from one of our sites. 

REMOTE – Agents work remotely from home. 

HYBRID – We have a mix of agents in different sites that are close to their homes so they can work without distraction. This guarantees an additional layer of security by having them in our sites. 


PHYSICAL SECURITY – We cover numerous aspects of local security such as changing passwords constantly to have a better access management, we block USB, CD, DVD ports etc. to protect our workers and devices from an attack that could compromise valuable information, avoiding the risk of misuse with our devices.

CYBER SECURITY – We have the last generation Firewall equipment with high capacity to protect and detect threats in our networks. We use advanced web filtering that helps us identify potentially dangerous websites as well as policies to help us manage our servers safely.   

Site Visits

As our customer you are always welcome to visit the sites independently of where they are located to verify we’re delivering on the quality standard. 

We offer both physical and virtual visits, just let us know when you’d like to visit us. 

Benefits of working 
with us

Competitive Pricing

Responsive Partners

Bilingual Agents

Constant Training

Low Staff Turnover

Competitive Pricing

Since we have a lower cost structure than other call centers we have a lower operating cost  and we pass part of these savings on to you. We found a way to be more efficient without sacrificing quality.

Responsive Partners

If you decide to do business with us, you will be assigned to someone from our team to be with you during the whole process. 

You can contact us at any time and schedule meetings as you see fit to go over the results and KPIs for your account.

Bilingual Agents

Depending on the needs of your account we can provide you with bilingual agents who speak both english and spanish. Our agents are fluent in english have a neutral accent.  

Constant Training

In Atel we believe in constantly developing our people. That’s why we have several ongoing projects to help our agents continue to learn and grow within the company. One of them is our english school.

Low Staff Turnover

Most of our employees come here to stay. We have a very low staff turnover, specially for the industry. Our attrition rate is below 3%.

We adapt to your 
industry and needs

We always ask ourselves : How can we make it happen?

Tell us exactly what you need and we'll make sure to fit every requirement and deliver it tailored specifically to you.

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